Building Your Pinterest Business Page – From The Ground Up

Building Your Pinterest Business Page – From The Ground Up : Here are 6 steps to building your Pinterest business page:

What do you want from implementing Pinterest?

Do you want to generate sales? Do you want to generate leads? Do you want to generate brand awareness?

Like any good business plan, it’s essential that you define your business goals and create your marketing strategy. Asking yourself questions like the ones above are a positive step in the right direction towards building a successful business on Pinterest.

Researching Your Competitors

Observing your competitors Pinterest business page is not only a great way to learn from what they’re doing correct, but it’s also a great way to determine what they’re not taking advantage of, and ultimately what you can make better for when you start a Pinterest business page.

Some core components that you should observe are:

  • The “about” section: Is it optimized with keywords? Does it have links back to the competitor’s website and social networks?
  • Boards & pins layout: How did your competitor setup their boards? Are they pinning their products or services? Or, are they pinning content for community building?
  • On-page optimization: Are your competitors taking full advantage of hashtags in their pins? Are they posting their website’s URL in every one of their pins?

Building Your Infrastructure

After observing your competitors it’s time to put all of your research and preparation into action.

What boards are you going to create? What angle are you going to market your products or services from?

Writing down a list of as many ideas for board names as possible is a great way to get started. After writing down all of your ideas, try filtering down your names to three. Reason being: If you’re a one man or woman army, that means you’re usually wearing many hats and have little to no time on your hands. Therefore, keeping your boards down to a minimum of 3 is a intelligent and efficient way to slowly build your brand but to also see results.

Note: Keep in mind that your three boards that you create should primarily be focused on your business goals, your branding, and or your business strategy.

Validate Your Website

To build credibility to your business, make sure to verify your website. This can be done by:

  1. Going to your profile and clicking on the pencil in the bottom-right corner of the name box
  2. Enter your web address in the website field, then click verify website
  3. Follow the instructions on the next page carefully. You can also verify with an HTML file or a META tag.

Share great content, and share it consistently

For the first quarter of the year you should be concentrating on posting quality content, and posting it multiple times a day. If you’re having trouble keeping up with your posting schedule, try using cheap paid services like to post your content for you.