Facebook Ad: Boost Posts for Pennies and Get More Likes/Shares!

Facebook Ad: Boost Posts for Pennies and Get More Likes/Shares! : More Likes & Shares

Facebook Ads alone cannot possibly encourage engagement. No matter why you want more likes and shares, it’s a combination of factors that get the job done. However, now Facebook says, “We expect organic distribution of an individual page’s posts to gradually decline over time… ” And a Facebook spokesperson said, “the best way to get your stuff seen if you’re a business is to pay for it.”

Ever wonder how in the world some people DO get so many Likes and Shares on Facebook? Considering only 16% of followers see any given post, that is discouraging. Those Facebook algorithms place posts with the most activity in front of more people. One needs much more ‘bang for your buck.’ We’ll discuss all the things that needs to happen before a Facebook Ad process.

Generating More Likes & Shares

Of course, well-written posts, with the right keywords, an applicable photo, using a question or controversial statement are all ways to generate more interest in what is being posted.

1. Write posts which inspire. If a follower is touched or impacted, they are significantly more likely to share.

2. Be consistent in getting in front of friends and followers. It won’t happen 1 or 2 days each week. Use a fantastic social media manager like Hootsuite to schedule out a day or two for the minimum daily posts. 5-8 impactful posts per day is recommended.

3. Use a great image in every text post. We are a visual world. We process visual images 60% faster than text. Unless a Facebook Mobile app is being used, there is not a good reason to find a photo to compliment the text. At the very least, go to a free image website, save the image, then attach.

4. Use a free site like PicMonkey to edit the photo. You can add the text of a website to the photo then fade it out 50% or more (so it’s not so obnoxious no one wants to share). Extra effects can also be done to give it some snap!

5. Video is fantastic for engagement as well! If you are in business, then here’s a post on doing a 60-Second Video. This can do a 180 turn around for internet traffic! Easy AND powerful!

6. Keep posts 80-150 characters. Use no more than 150 characters in posts… ideally 100-150 since they get 60% more shares.

7. Post with complete URLs. On Facebook, people are much more cautious, statistically, about clicking on links blindly. They are much less likely to click on a shortened link, like a, for example, than the actual version. Sites like Twitter are a different animal.

8. Be interesting, never boring or negative. No one wants to follow negativity… it just doesn’t attract.

9. Teach people something. Do it in 2 sentences if you can. Quick tips are adored!

10. “Like” if you posts. “Like” if you love walking barefoot in grass in the summertime can boost engagement.

11. Nostalgia is extremely engaging. People love to remember something they liked from long ago and will share.

12. Call to Action. Instruct people on what you want them to do. Asking for Likes and Shares helps to generate more engagement.

13. Offer value. Posts that teach something get a significant number of followers who engage. Share something important, relevant/timely they may not yet have heard.

14. NEVER share something that is questionable. If a child has been kidnapped, then check Snopes to see if it’s real or if it’s resolved. There are spammers out there who write posts for shock value. They play into Facebook algorithms and move up in value. If it is the perfect content for engagement, then it WILL be worth the extra effort and a few minutes of time to verify. Few things makes a “poster” less credible than sharing a stale or false post!

The Fan Page Facebook Ad and Boosting

If there is a pretty limited budget, the minimum of $5 on each post is probably too high. Getting posts in front of more people, though, is important. There is a way around the minimum with the tiniest ad budget. It’s rarely considered but completely ethical and easy.

Currently, a Facebook Fan Page Post Boost costs a minimum of $5. It is not necessary to spend this amount on each boost, however. Decide what the budget for a single boost should be.

First, boost posts at the optimal time of day for engagement. Posting at 3 a.m. is a waste of money because few will see it during low engagement hours.

Next, determine the goal of the boost. Is it to attract new Likes or is it to create more engagement to followers?

Then, direct the boost to the target audience. If the target audience is a group of people inside the niche, then look for groups from a guru inside that niche. If the niche is network marketers, then the group Jim Rohn or Rich Dad Poor Dad would be fitting. Facebook Ad Boost to those followers chosen are marketed. Pay attention to demographics. While an older age group is who would make an ideal customer, a younger age group may be more engaging to pay attention.

Here’s the BEST Trick…

Select $5 to boost the ad. Don’t worry: the plan is NOT to use the entire $5. This strategy requires a bit of time, patience and observation for a good payoff. When first trying this strategy, Facebook Ad Manager will need to be reviewed frequently. The time will vary. Minimally, check the manager page hourly until the maximum budgeted amount has been reached. At that point, just pause (suspend) the Facebook Ad Boost. Later, results of the boosted post will be sent for the Facebook Ad.

Another Thing To Try

Something that has worked continuously has to do with the image used in the boost. Since images attract more, it’s a given that they should be a part of the post to be boosted. When an image consists of more than 20% text, it just will not pass Facebook Ad standards. However, this process generally takes a bit of time. In fact, the boosted ad may be shown for as much as 2 hours before being banned. That may be enough time to generate lots of boosts and engagement for pennies.

When Facebook Ads manager cannot be managed carefully after the boost, this is one way to GENERALLY prevent the entire $5 budget from being spent. However, there is no guarantee on this! A boost during optimal times may be sent by Facebook to a very large number before it is suspended. It’s been the author’s experience that when using an image that very clearly has 50% or more of text, the post is banded fairly quickly. The amount of engagement of the boost will still be charged until the band. It is always far less than $5.

Ultimate Goal of the Facebook Ad

Yes, Facebook Ad Post Boosting on a fan page should drive engagement, if the post contains the right mixture. However, is this the ULTIMATE goal? The Ultimate goal is probably wrapped around traffic turning into leads turning into customers of a product or sale, correct? Clearly, if it is ONLY to get more fans on a fan page, then beware! Nothing that is free is guaranteed! Free can go away at any time.

Recommended Goal for Every Business:

To build a list of prospects or leads. Period. The network marketer, plumber, pastry chef, dentist… the end is always the same. A contact list is the greatest insurance policy for EVERY business. Don’t ever get misguided into believing a Fan page belongs to the business person. It does not.

Facebook shuts fan pages down daily, without warning or a second chance. 100k fan bases have been lost in a flash. A large business supplying jobs to a smaller town could burn down and destroy the economy overnight. With a list, an accountant could feasibly move to a nearby town. Without the list, he would be starting from scratch!

Facebook Ads are WONDERFUL. They can be laser-focused to a specific city. Be sure to have a webpage or blog page, no matter how basic, to send these laser-targeted followers to as a “home base.” This is one move no one regrets.

Starla Asher: I’m a Mom of 4 children, 2 dogs & a dozen ducks, a Wife, Entrepreneur, Author, Coach, Nurse & Lover of Life. I value family, my Community, my Country & God’s redemption.