Get an Edge Over Your Competitors – Claim Your Google+ Local Page

Get an Edge Over Your Competitors – Claim Your Google+ Local Page : It is important for every business to claim its Google+ Local page and here is the reason why:

The way in which consumers of today search for products and services, has evolved from the earlier trend. 82% of the clients today search businesses over the Net instead of browsing through newspapers and phone books.

If you want to have a strong online presence, you must make sure that your business is search engine friendly and is ranked among the top links. Getting your company listed on Google+ Local page is an important step to gain new clients.

Why should businesses choose Google+ Local?

It is a business directory which has an incredible ranking on the Google Search. Besides that, it is absolutely free. Businesses that get listed on this directory get displayed on Google Maps with a good search engine ranking. Anyone searching for your business will get directions to your office and more people who do not already know about your business can get familiar with it.

How does it Work?

Google collects information from certified data sources to decide which companies must be included in the Google+ Local listing. If you have a good record at these data sources, Google will acknowledge your business and give it a good ranking in Google Places.

However, if your company has just begun and does not have a record in the data sources, it will not appear in the top search results. Another way of getting listed in the Google+ Local is by having a highly ranked corporate website. If you have one, your Google+ Local ranking would automatically increase.

If your corporate website is not ranked very high, you can still have a good ranking in Google+ Local by claiming your page. This will help you grow as a business and gain new customers.

In order to have a better understanding of Google+ Local, you may visit the Google search engine and search for the type of your business for example, “Interior Designer” or “Makeup Artist”. You will get search engine results of sponsored websites, marked maps and the companies which are marked on those maps known as local search results. Google+ Local will place your business on those maps and local search results.

How will clients see YOUR Company?

Google search page shows a map at the top. This map shows the location of the company the user has searched for. These results are marked on that map. Google search also shows a list of the companies placed next to the map button. After claiming the Google+ local page, your company will be included in that list of local companies and businesses.

Businesses marked on the maps are highly ranked by Google and have a permanent visibility i.e. they will remain visible even if the user scrolls down the search page.

The map and the listing are based on what the user is searching for and the user location. No matter where the user is, the listing would generate relevant results accordingly.

Businesses can get the benefit of high Google ranking by a well-developed Google Places listing along with applying some optimization tips. This will not only place your business on Google maps but will also help you in gaining new customers.

Do the benefits of Google+ Local apply to those who do not have a corporate website?

Having a corporate website does not matter. Google + Local will let your business have the map visibility as well as a good search engine ranking by creating a business profile on it. This means that potential clients can find you even without a corporate website.

The business listing of Google+ Local are used for information by various search engines, so having the top 10 rating in search results is not a compulsion. Google+ Local can still help your company gain internet visibility even without a good search engine ranking and a corporate website.

Optimization of the business listing is suggested for best results. It needs to be updated and maintained on a daily basis. This will increase your search engine ranking and put your business on the top 10 position. Having a corporate website with a good ranking is a plus point and will definitely have a positive impact on the overall Google Places ranking.

Google+ Local is extremely user friendly and easy to use. Users may login and update their listing any time they want. So if you do not have a website but you decide on building it later, you can update your Google+ local according to that in the future.

Google+ Local listing will be visible to the users once it is completely processed. The earlier the page is claimed, the sooner it will be visible to your potential clients.

What if my business does not get the top rank in Google+ Local search results?

Business ranking completely depends on the competition in that particular business market. Some markets are more competitive and hence, there is little chance of newly registered businesses to get on the top ranks in the beginning.

Updating your Google+ Local with detailed amount of information about your business is highly recommended to get the top ranks in Google search. Our team can assist you in providing Google the information it needs to get your business marked highly over your competitors.

Trust us to get your business ranked highly in search engines and make you successful.

We cater to all sorts of businesses as far as online marketing solutions are concerned. We can help you to have a good ranking in business directories by creating a custom-made search package for your business. This will enable your company to appear in top search results on all important search engines. Along with that, your company will also have a prominent visibility on GPS navigation systems and smart phones, which will increase the chances of you getting more clients.

We hope that this brief on Google+ Local has helped you and answered all your queries regarding the matter. We also hope that you now understand the importance of good search engine ranking in the world of today. There are several free tools present online which can be used to improve your business.

We have more guidelines and important information to assist you in promoting your business on the web, and we will always be happy to respond to any queries that you might have regarding business promotion.