How Much Is Your Ad Agency Charging You?

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that ad agencies aren’t cheap. They’ll charge you on a monthly basis and give you sub-par results, and expect you to have a great day. Usually they create a small package of marketing materials for you, and may manage your search engine rankings, but for the most part, this is the extent of their services. And of course for all of this, the fee for their services will be sky-high.

Now depending on who you go to, the prices will vary. Obviously if you go to a Madison Avenue ad agency, expect to pay top notch prices. But if you’re a start up and you go to someplace nearby and they’re new… they probably won’t charge you as much. They may charge you around $3,000 for a basic online marketing package. This usually contains signage, advertising materials, maybe a website design, a mobile website, an email marketing campaign, and of course SEO services.

Now if you pay $3,000 for all of this and you still don’t get good results, then that’s not a good thing. But here’s something you probably didn’t know… some ad agencies when they take you on as a client, they’ll get a “2nd opinion” from a well-renowned marketing consultant (such as me) so that they can ensure their clients’ success. So they charge you $3,000 for a package deal, then hire me for 1 hour to look over everything, and report back to you with certain changes and strategies that are based upon what a marketing consultant said.

And ad agencies and marketing agencies that are all internet-driven work in the same way. You see a lot of people talk about internet marketing and internet marketing strategies, but they really don’t know how to put them into play. Sure everyone talks about video marketing, blogging, YouTube, email marketing, SEO and etc… but if you’ve tried these basic platforms and you’re still not making the money that you want, then you’re just spinning your wheels.

And a lot of times, this is what a lot of advertising and marketing agencies do. Did you know that some companies can even fake results for you? They’ll go out and purchase testimonials from some place, or they’ll go and buy fake Facebook and Twitter followers and add them to their account just so they can look reputable. This is the truth. I don’t do this – because it’s a waste of money and real truth comes from real results, but more than that… if they don’t deliver on their promises to help you make more money, then they’re essentially scamming you. Do you agree?

The difference between most advertising and internet marketing agencies is that, they employ certain techniques that are based in tradition. Myself on the other hand, I’m based on cutting-edge strategies. I’m talking about strategies that work right away – no matter how your website looks, how much traffic you’re currently getting, or how much money you currently make.

If you’re currently losing money online, a lot of ad agencies don’t know how to correct and fix this problem. They will tell you what you want to hear, give you quote, take your payment, and hope that they can fix your problem. While some agencies will charge you a one-time fee, some work off the premise of recurring monthly payments. For example, if you hiring an SEO firm to manage your search engine rankings, you’ll have to pay them on a monthly basis to do this for you. And the fee that they’re going to charge you will be very high.

Also, when it comes to the style of marketing that most ad agencies employ, you will notice a difference between their style – and the style that people who can give you instant profits will employ. Myself, I operate on the premise of “instant profits” marketing. There should be no waiting or “getting your name out there”, or exposure marketing to make your campaigns work.

If you design a business card and over the course of a month, you hand it out to 100 new possible customers or clients, that business card should be turning those prospects into leads and customers immediately. This is something that has an advanced aspect onto it – but a lot of marketing agencies overlook this crucial marketing device, and simply design you a boring and standard business card – that doesn’t bring in new business.

These are little aspects that you have to take a look at when deciding to hire an internet marketing consultant or an ad agency, because at the end of the day, it’s either you’re going to make money, or you’re going to lose money. Why lose money investing in an agency that you “hope” will improve your business? You need to make the right decision, and make it wisely before you fork up $3,000 – $5,000 to hire an ad agency to take over the reigns of your marketing.

This is real life, and everyday small business owners offline and online lose money because they put their hope and trust into an ad agency, and their campaigns fall flat. Make sure they employ techniques that gets results immediately. If they tell you that you will have to wait to see results… then it’s a no-go.

Every single piece of marketing material that they charge you for and create for you should work immediately. It shouldn’t be designed to build your brand or to make people “aware” of you. These marketing materials should work right away on the first day, and should be drumming up business immediately. Keep these things in mind before you spend your next dollar with an ad agency that wants to charge you $3,000 – $5,000 for a marketing package that is designed with “exposure” in mind.

There are better options out there, and if you’re too confused to do the marketing on your own, hire personal and professional help from someone who’s doing this on a daily basis – and knows what they’re talking about when it comes to internet marketing.