How To Write Your Own Product Review

How To Write Your Own Product Review : Product reviews have always attracted attention. They give legitimacy and authority to a blog, and your audience will expect at least some reviews on your site.

They are also a great way to earn more money and help get your affiliate links in front of people who might use them.

You have to know how to write a good one if you want to see traffic flowing into your blog.

There are three things involved in writing a good review. It must be enjoyable to read, helpful, and will attract more traffic to your blog.

Knowing what do to do is one thing, knowing how to do it is another.

How do you write an enjoyable review, get people to read it, and then get them to click on your affiliate links?

Here, we’ll cover how to do this for Amazon product reviews.

Reviews are really stories about what a product can do. Whether personal or researched, it is the story that keeps people engaged.

First of all, don’t list all the product’s features or give a long description. That’s not adding value and people will click away. Less time on a post means less search ranking, and your review and affiliate links will get to no one.

There are two types of review that readers like.

Testimonial reviews are your personal experiences with a product. Talk about how you found the product, how you used it and how it helped you.

Testimonial reviews turn the reviews into stories. The content is much more interesting and you can cover the important features of the product in an engaging way.

But you won’t always have used the product you want to review.

Benefits reviews come into play here. These reviews focus on the problem a product solves or how it makes people’s lives better.

Focus on the results, turn them into mini-stories, and you will engage your audience.

Some research will be needed for your benefits review. Find what other people have to say about the product and videos of it in use. Focus on the situation the product was used in, how people used the product and what benefit they got out of it.

Summarise other people’s experiences, but don’t lie to your audience saying they were personal to you. Be open and honest about how you came to your conclusions. Your readers will appreciate the work you’ve done pulling together all these different sources, so you don’t have to pass them off as your own.

Once you have put together your engaging and informative review, whether it is a testimonial or benefits one, it’s time to make money out of it.

Conclude your review with a recommendation and a call to action. If there is an alternative product that is better, recommend that. Here is where you can stick your affiliate links. If your review is entertaining and worthwhile, people will stick around to the end and click.