Network Break 398: New Broadcom Trident Chip Supports Threat

Take a Network Break! This week we cover a new Trident ASIC that can support threat analysis, the startup Graphiant goes after SD-WAN and MPLS, and Iranian-backed attackers are suspected of targeting the Albanian government.

US ISPs walk away from their challenge to state privacy law, data center switch sales jumped in the second quarter of 2022, Apple chooses a satellite partner for emergency SMS service (it’s not Starlink), and the US state of Virginia reigns supreme in hyperscaler data center capacity.

Get links to all these stories below.

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Show Links:

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Likely Iranian Threat Actor Conducts Politically Motivated Disruptive Activity Against Albanian Government Organizations – Mandiant

Internet service providers drop challenge of privacy law – AP

Staggering 2Q Data Center Switch Sales Drive Market to Record Levels for the Quarter and First Half of the Year, According to Dell’Oro Group – Dell’Oro Group

Cisco, Arista Drive Record Data Center Ethernet Switch Market – SDX Central

IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Ethernet Switch and Router Trackers Show Growth Momentum Continuing in Second Quarter of 2022 – IDC

Apple picks Globalstar for emergency satellite service on iPhone 14 – Reuters

Virginia has more datacenter capacity than Europe or China – The Register

Virginia Still Has More Hyperscale Data Center Capacity Than Either Europe or China – Synergy Research Group