The Online Traffic War: SEO Vs Social Networking

The Online Traffic War: SEO Vs Social Networking : The advent of the internet has changed the methods and marketing strategies of many companies. Online presence is regarded as one of the most important assets for a company, be it a small business or a big corporation like Microsoft. The quest to get increased online traffic for your website has led to a showdown between two of the most widely used tools for online marketing today: The Social Networking and Search Engine Optimization.

So, without wasting any more time, let us check the pros and cons of using these services for getting more online traffic and which of these services is a better alternative for us:

Search engine marketing: If you consider the use of SEO services to get more online traffic, then the practice is seen as a better alternative to social networking, as people search for businesses more on the search engines and less on the social sites. Reports from various surveying sites have revealed that as much as 60% of the people use search engines while looking for a particular business and if you have a good page rank in the popular search engines, then your chances of being discovered are high. Moreover, the people who are searching for the services you offer are actually interested in those services and this makes the traffic generated by the search engines, more targeted.

Another major advantage of using SEO is the fact that you can analyze, what the people are searching for by analyzing the keywords and by doing a proper keywords research, you can promote your site in a better way and make sure that high quality traffic reaches your website. You can also buy your way onto the first page of the search results by using Google Ad-words and other such ad services. Getting your ads on the fist page of the search results relating to your services or product can help you in gaining a lot of new customers and greater online traffic.

Social Networking: The market trends have seen that a major percentage of the consumers in the age group of 18 to 26 used peer recommendations from the various social sites, before buying a new product. If you have a good presence in the social media and are able to engage more and more people, then by all the likes, shares, re-tweets and favorites generated by you, you get more and more traffic to your website and the people visiting your site on their friend’s or relative’s recommendation already have a degree of faith in your site and are more likely to become your new customers.

You can boost your posts by using the social media marketing campaigns and get high quality online traffic for your website through social networking. Facebook, Twitter and other such sites allow you to put forward your offers and links in front of your targeted audience for a small price and it is one of the most important feature of using social media for your promotional campaign.

Thus, it is the best practice to use both, SEO and Social Networking, in order to promote your business as the combined effect of both the methods is far better than the individual effect of any one method.